BLACK+DECKER BDCR20B Reciprocating Saw

Black & Decker BDCR20B 20V Max Lithium Reciprocating Saw

Black and Decker are known for affordable home tools that can be used easily by the everyday handyman. Their BDCR20B Reciprocating Saw is no exception. This sawzall packs a punch which is why it makes most people’s best reciprocating saw list. This product description and review will point out all the key features and help you determine if this is the best reciprocating saw for you and your budget. Check latest prices here >>


The BDCR20B is a cordless reciprocating saw which comes in handy when working on the go or in tight spaces. You don’t have to worry about finding a place to plug it in and can work anywhere anytime. This is handy if you are on a lot of job sites and don’t know if you will have power or not.

Strong battery

The battery on this reciprocating saw is strong. When not being used it puts out twenty volts, but this doesn’t drop down to eighteen when in use. However this isn’t a big deal, and provides plenty of power to have a high stroke per minute rate.

Good Stroke Lenght

The saw offers a stroke length of seven-eighths inches which is enough to cut throw most things easily.

Variable Speed Trigger

It also has a variable speed trigger so you can cut throw different materials without having to change the blade. You just press the trigger softer to run it slower and harder to run it faster. By being able to control the speed with the trigger you can do a lot of jobs easily. It is important to use the right speed because you don’t want the blade getting to hot and breaking, but you don’t want it running to slow either that the blade binds in the material being cut.

With the right blade and right speed you can cut thru wood, PVC Pipes, metal, and loads of other materials without issue.

Blade Is Easy To Change

Another nice thing about this saw is the blade is easy to change. It uses a tool-less changing method, so you just have to lift the latch and the old blade comes out and the new blade goes right in.

Pivoting Blade Shoe Guide

The blade shoe guide is also pivoting which is a great bonus. The fact that it pivots makes it easy to get just the right angle on all your cuts and also helps keep the blade going straight even when cutting at an angle.

Light Weight

This reciprocating saw is also light at around ten pounds with the battery which makes it easy for any beginner to use.

BDCR20B Reciprocating Saw User Feedback

The product description is an important part for a reciprocating saw review, but the most important part in finding the best reciprocating saw is learning how others felt about it. Well, the Black and Decker BDCR20B is a popular reciprocating saw with well over 300 reviews on Amazon and a star rating at 4.5. This is excellent compared to how many units have been bought.

Some common things that people love about this saw is how light weight it is. The weight makes it easy for anyone to use and you can get it into tight spaces that heavier ones may not go into.

Users also love that it comes with its own blade. By coming with a blade it makes it easy to start using it right out of the box.

One issue though is this is a bare model meaning it doesn’t come with a battery. If you have other Black and Decker tools though than this problem isn’t an issue as long as one of them has a 20 volt battery.

If you don’t have a battery though, then you can buy one separately. By having to buy it separately it raises the cost and makes this one priced similarly to others.

Being cordless though is a positive for a lot of people because you can use this saw for yard work as well as other do it your self-projects around the house.

This reciprocating saw is great to have around just for basic everyday task. If you bought additional blades though, then it could probably be used for tougher task because some users have used it through sheet rock and thicker material.

The only other downside to this unit is because it is so light it has some vibration issues. Using the right blade and right speed can help cut down on this problem though.

Why buy the Reciprocating Saw on Amazon?

You may be wondering why you should buy this product on Amazon. Black+Decker has a good two year warranty, so what other benefits can you get. Well, Amazon has easy returns if you decided this isn’t the right one soon after getting it. Also, it is more convenient to have the saw delivered to your house instead of having to go to the store to get it. You are saving time and also money. Plus, Amazon prices are pretty much as cheap as you will find, so that is an added benefit.


If you are needing a small reciprocating saw to do things around the house, then this is a great option. It can handle most task handed to it because it has a powerful battery. You have to remember to buy the battery separate if you don’t already have one, but if you already got one, then using it can save you a lot of money and might make this the best reciprocating saw for you.

If the description in this reciprocating saw review leaves you thinking that this saw might not do all you need it too, then you can always continue to look. Maybe, you don’t want a cordless saw or you want one with more features. You just have to think about what you will use the saw for and the more reciprocating saw reviews you read the easier it will be for you to determine which reciprocating saw is best for you. Read more here >>


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